When a woman fakes an Orgasm..

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We tend to assume that being emotionally unavailable is about not wanting to be in a committed relationship. However emotional unavailability grows deeper than that.


When a person is emotionally unavailable it means they keep others at arm's length never fully opening up or sharing their true emotional experience. They struggle with intimacy - they have a hard time speaking their truth.


They tend to lie in order to avoid conflict or to please others.


A woman may strongly desire a relationship with her man yet she is not truthful with him when she fakes in the bedroom.


When a woman fakes an Orgasm, she is being emotionally unavailable. She is lying to her partner. She is pretending to feel one way while, in reality, she feels a different way. She is avoiding being vulnerable and real with him about how she feels, choosing to show only the sides of herself that she deems worthy (such as being Orgasmic).


On top of that she is being dismissive to her own body and her own feelings. She is emotionally unavailable to herself!


Her s3x life is based on a lie and when that happens, the relationship is not able to grow or evolve s3xually.


The longer she continues to fake, the more emotionally isolated she begins to feel. This is a very painful experience for women.


At some point s3x turns into a heavy chore and it is easier to avoid it than to face the pain of lying again and again.

~Elena Rossi~


I have helped 100's of women to become Orgasmic over the years and to work through the deep shame which keeps them in such a loop.


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