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It’s one thing when somebody says, “I love you”.

It’s another thing when they witness the parts of you that you think are 'unlovable', and yet they still love you.

When you drop the front, the facade, the mask, and they love you even more.

It’s one thing to be loved. It’s another thing entirely to be loved for Who You Truly Are, not just an image, an idea or expectation of you.

When you feel seen, exposed in the light of love, and their love remains constant and safe. When you feel like you don’t have to hide the ‘dirty’, ‘shameful’, ‘sick’, or ‘unworthy’ parts of yourself, in order to keep them close. When you can fully relax, breathe, let your guard down, and be your authentic, wild, weird human self with them, no fear of rejection or punishment. When you feel whole in their warm presence, no concern that you will be shamed, ridiculed, judged or abandoned for exposing your authenticity.

It’s not just love we long for, it’s this fierce unconditional love that truly sees us as we are - imperfections, deformities, flaws, vulnerabilities and all.

It sees our darkness, it sees our terrors, and it still says YES.

Take the risk of being seen.

Take the risk of being known.

Take the risk of being loved.

 ~Jeff Foster~


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Joe Turan 

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