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2-Days Retreat: "Journey to Yourself"

•Are you exhausted from always seeking happiness outside of yourself?

•Do you feel stuck in the endless hamster wheel of life?

•Are you longing to get back in touch with your femininity?

•Would you like to learn more about your body and your sexuality?

If you're ready to embark on a journey inward and explore your roots, this two-day retreat offers you the opportunity to test and transcend your physical and mental limits in various situations. Through shadow work, you'll have the chance to uncover your darker aspects and transform them into a source of creative energy in your life.

Can you hear the call? Let's embark on this extraordinary journey together.

**Program Highlights:**

- Discover your roots through meditation and breathing exercises.

- Identify and dissolve your blockages.

- Engage with your shadow sides.

- Connect with the collective consciousness.

- Strengthen your resilience.


- Increase self-confidence.

- Enhance crisis management skills.

- Improve stress management.

- Develop better self-awareness and understanding of others.

- Reconnect with your body and senses, and experience a deeper level of intimacy.

- Discover new feelings and emotions through various forms of sensual touch.

- Gain a deeper understanding of your sexuality to better express your desires, whether for yourself or within a partnership.

- Learn more about yourself, your origins, and your sexual nature, and fully embrace yourself as a woman. Enhance your awareness of your intimate area.

For more information, visit [link in bio] or here:

To explore more, contact me, let’s talk.

Joe Turan 

- Life Coach

- Tantra & Kuscheltherapeut



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