The difference between MAKING LOVE and MAKING SEX

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First of all I think I should specify the difference between MAKING LOVE and MAKING SEX. The difference is the type of energy you connect to.

When you have sex you are connected to the instinctual side and to lower vibrational energies, but when you make love you are open to human love and then we are talking about something completely different. And you can feel it, this is about the chakras that you are emitting from. Okay, but what happens when you emit from everything? If you manage to do that you are in perfect balance and you don't get addicted, you don't get attached.

It happens very rarely and only between VERY EVOLVED PARTNERS. I haven't found a name for it, but let's call it instead of making love or sex "MAKING LOVE"! With attachments it's a big hassle and it seems that getting rid of them is one of the hardest lessons. You learn that too!

 I have met people who have attachments on the sexual level, they are the ones connected to the first three chakras, and I have met people who have attachments on the higher chakra level. There is a difference between them but they are still attachments. A sexual experience, whether it radiates from the evolved part of the human structure or from the less evolved part, only shows who you are and how you are.

The sexual act is YOUR PERFECT GLASS and reflects your degree of evolution. So if you hear the famous saying "it's my partner's fault I don't feel good!" you should tell the person to do a quick introspection and see how much they love themselves.

 The partner is only a "tool" through which you reveal yourself. In no way do I mean to sound technical or selfish what I am saying, but I think it is. If you give yourself and open yourself totally you emit powerful energy from all energy centers and do nothing but envelop yourself in the field you create.

 So does your partner. He opens his aura totally and then is enveloped by what he emanates. When both partners are able to do this at the same time, it is already a spiritualized experience.

Why? Because in the end, when the perfect fusion is achieved, all the energy created enters into a fantastic flow that concentrates in the heart chakra and practically everything is directed from there. There is no more space, there is no more time, there is a Whole. The purpose of orgasm disappears and in fact that

Tot becomes a sublime dance, without rules and without control. During the sexual act there is an extraordinary exchange of energies, both partners actually discharging the subtlety that characterizes them in the Subconscious. It is perhaps one of the few moments when you cannot lie. You are totally honest, you are You.

 You unload who you are and load yourself with what comes from your partner. If both partners are spiritually evolved and obviously energetically clean, sexual intercourse becomes therapeutic.

It creates healing energies that open and heal to the deepest levels.

And of course you don't feel tired or drained, you can't, on the contrary, you feel charged, you feel soft and settled energy within you. This is in ideal cases; in fact THIS IS NORMAL!

 This is the good and beautiful side of things, but there is a less beautiful side.

Have you ever wondered why prostitutes get old fast or why men are always nervous? It's like this: prostitutes are full of negative energies, all kinds of energetic entities taken from their clients, and the men are also full of "joys". Prostitutes with Knowledge know how to clean themselves frequently.

In men it is a little more difficult because during sex most of them lose their Essence through frequent ejaculations. Another issue that happens during sexual intercourse can be framed as sexual magic. And I don't mean something of high vibration here.

I'm talking about people who can steal your life energy out of sight. They do it consciously! Why do they do that? Because they need to charge themselves with your energy. You're not there because you fell on your head; you have a karmic payoff to deal with. That's it, you take it!

 They are unable to charge directly from Source, so they use your energy. There are many who know how to manipulate and direct sexual energy and they do it masterfully, consciously. They have their role. This is where women excel, some of them, men less so. They know very well how to control the flow of energy and you wake up either with no energy at all, i.e. "it has made you a vegetable", or you are addicted to it and you don't know why, or your "toy" doesn't work anymore. In fact, it has bound you to it with Knowledge and feeds on lust, devouring your energy with insatiable hunger. It can't help it.

 Men fall prey very easily to such women, and that's because most of the time they totally drop their brains in their underwear and don't think at all. They become easy prey! How do you know you're a victim? Ask yourself what really attracts you to such a woman. You'll discover that you're just being sexually manipulated and that if you interrupt the relationship for a while your vibe will go up.

 Their "cuties" pay for the vamping after all but you get "kinda dusty" and it doesn't warm you up to the fact that they pay for what they do. 

Can you protect yourself? Yes, you can, you are looking for a spiritually evolved partner who is already fulfilled through Personal Access to the Light and doesn't need to load up on energy from you.

And now back to the beautiful part, the part I think we all need to aspire to. I was talking about the fact that the true art of lovemaking, or "Light" as I called it above, is therapeutic.

Yes it is, I have seen people healed of many blockages through Love, people who have gotten rid of many frustrations and hard feelings, people whose self-esteem has increased enormously and who have benefited from a spiritual leap following beautiful mergers with the Soul Mate.

 Having a beautiful partner is a gift from the Divine and is to be treasured. Absolutely to be treasured!

We can't live alone, that's for sure, but we can't just jump into bed with anyone either.

 ABSTINENCE is preferable, without question! 

The art of coupledom is one of the most beautiful ways of spiritual evolution. Some get it, some don't, depending on merit. God is not wrong and knows exactly what and how each one needs to reach fulfilment. So all in due time, as is necessary and welcome.

The more we evolve the more we have access to purer energies and hence a partner to match.

On the principle of resonance we attract what we are, so if someone is living an almost angelic love story let them be happy and thank the Universe as often as possible.

A perfect partner is a well-deserved gift from the Creator, a sublime and warm gift, a gateway to Heaven. I wish you to receive this gift, if you haven't already received it, and until then watch out for partners. 

May you be loved!

Adrian Valerian Antonovici


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